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Trekking Vietnam Central Highlands: Buon Me Thuot - Don Village

Buon Ma Thuot - Don Village - Dray Sap waterfalls
Tay Nguyen (the Central Highlands of Vietnam) is loved by Buon Ma Thuot and Dak Lak. Not coming two places, not knowing Tay Nguyen. From Buon Ma Thuot City, we can easily go to Buon Don (Don Village) that offers to the believers of travel the greatest tour of trekking Vietnam central highlands. Don village belongs to the huge region of Yokdon National Forest where has been famous for natural elephant hunting down and taming for a long time. Especially, Don Village is really beguiling by the Gongs culture and minorities of M’nong, Giarai, and Ede. Moreover, venture to the couple of waterfalls Dray Sap and Dray Nur in Buon Ma Thuot will blow to your mind a new power. Let take yourself to the most mysterious place of Vietnam’s center.


Day 1
Buon Ma Thuot - Don Village
L, D
Take an hour for riding the friendly elephants in Don village
Take an hour for riding the friendly elephants in Don village
Far East Tour Team (included tour guide & private bus) pick you up from your hotel or the airport in Buon Ma Thuot City. We proceed to Don Village (about 70km faraway) that is located in Yokdon National Forest. Coming Buon Don, you will be made friends with the natural elephants that is caught from the wild and tamed by M’nong people. Listen to the legend of the elephant hunting, which has been here for a long time. 
After that, we visit the ancient house with Laotian architecture. The house is typical for traditional house on stilts of M’nong ethnology. Later, we continue the day with the tomb of the King of elephant catchers, then walking through out the bamboo bridge of Don village. The bridge, together with strong running stream above will bring you a suddenly cool feeling among the hot atmosphere of the highlands. 
Before going to the bungalow, passenger will try to ride an elephant (1 hour). Enjoy the dinner and overnight at a bungalow in Don Village.
Note: You can request a Gongs music show at night to experience the most original culture of Tay Nguyen and learn Gongs culture.
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Day 2
Don Village - Dray Sap - Buon Ma Thuot
B, L
Dray Nur is graceful and complicatedly beautiful as a woman
Dray Nur is graceful and complicatedly beautiful as a woman
Enjoy breakfast in Don Village, then proceeding back to Buon Ma Thuot. In the center of highlands, you explore the legend of Dray Sap and Dray Nur waterfalls (Refer Topic: Waterfalls in Dalat). Firstly, your private group will be visited Dray Sap that is locally named “Husband waterfalls”. The waterfalls down from a high cliff, creating the vaporous white smoky stream. About Dray Nur, the Wife waterfalls, is made by Krong Kno River (a branch of Srepok River). While Dray Sap looks imposing and strong as a man, Dray Nur is poetic and sophisticated like a woman. 
After that, we come over Buon Ma Thuot market, and buy something. End of 2 day trekking Vietnam Central Highlands.

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