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Vietnam Adventure Travel - 9 Days in Northern Mountain of Vietnam

Hanoi - Sapa (Bac Ha - Lao Chai - Ta Van - Supan - Muong Hoa) - Halong Bay
The Northern Vietnam – a land of heritage sites and original culture will be arranged tidy in a 09 day Vietnam adventure travel. Though you want to take an exploration day or enjoy leisure time in Northern Vietnam, you can find out your wishing in this Itinerary. Besides of 4 days trekking and discovering the mountains and forest of the West-North, you have 3 days to experience Vietnam’s Capital – the lands of thousands years of history. Halong Bay – a New Wonder of the World where includes the large number of Islands will attracts you all the time you stay here. If you are planning for an amazing trip in a new destination which can help you mix with the Mother Nature, Northern Vietnam adventure in 09 days is your perfect selection. Experience a beautiful Hanoi with a long-standing customs, ancient French architectures, exciting cuisine, and very peculiar life-style.


Day 1
Hanoi Arrival & Cylco
Overview of Hoan Kiem Lake and the original traffic of Hanoi
Overview of Hoan Kiem Lake and the original traffic of Hanoi
Cyclo in The Old Quarter of Hanoi: admire the ancient French architecture
Far East Tour’s bus & guide will pick you up to the center of Hanoi millennium civilization. To fall in line with the capital, your group comes over Hoan Kiem Lake (Return Sword Lake) which is known as the heart of Hanoi with many old high trees. Each of them has a distinct beauty, but blending with the general background. It is likely the characterized of Hanoi Capital, somewhere is lively with modern life-style and others are ancient by the reserved architectures. 
Santering with the tour guide to visit The Old Quarter before checking in the hotel. There are a lot of interesting thing in Hang Gai or Hang Bac Street. You can find out something that attracts you on the way together. To end of the meeting day, you will join in our welcome dinner. Overnight at the hotel in Hanoi.
Day 2
Hanoi City Tour - Lao Cai
B, L, D
The model of
The model of "Rông house" in Vietnam Museum of Ethonology
One day experience the culture and history in Hanoi Capital
After your breakfast at hotel, try to experience an early morning Hanoi by your selves (observe from the balcony of the hotel). 
08.30 a.m. Far East Tour’s bus & tour guide are willing to travel with you from the main lobby of the hotel. We begin going around Hanoi with the most exciting destinations. 
You will have a chance to look at Hanoi working in the morning through the bus. It is really an unfamiliar imagine with dozen of motorbikes in the street. Sometime, when you take your eyes in the sidewalks, you can find out the street hawkers who wear conical hats and carry two loads of goods (flower, fruit, noodle, etc) on their thin shoulders. Being embellish somewhere, the women who are taking a bicycle of colorful flowers stand along the street beside the ancient house. 
The first place we stop is Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum region. We will be listened tour guide tell about the revolution life of Uncle Ho and see his tombs from the outside. Nearby, we visit One Pillar pagoda – one of the most original architecture temple in Asia with wooden structure. 
The Temple of Literature: The first university of Vietnam is near to. With only around 7 minutes, we can stay at the temple where worship the Le Kings and owns up to 80 stone turtles as the super nature power of feudal doctors. Vietnamese people often come over here to try their luck in study and examine in the first day of New Year. Especially, The Temple of Literature connects closely to Vietnamese students. Visiting it, you could easily see the young girls in long dress who want to take some photos to memorize their student-life.
Having lunch with “Phở cuốn” and “Bánh Tôm” to know about the best dishes of Hanoi which is connected with Hanoi from hundreds years. 
In the afternoon, Far East Tour will take you to Vietnam Museum of Ethnology where can provide to you the general view of ethnic group in Vietnam. With lively models of each minority groups, The Museum is voted as one of the most interesting museum of Asia.
Savoring your dinner with “La Vong Grilled Fish”, a famous cuisine of Hanoi.
09.15 p.m. We catch the Fanxipan Express Train to transfer to Lao Cai Province. Overnight on the Fanxipan Expess.
Day 3
Lao Cai - Bac Ha Village
B, L, D
Can Cau Kermit is one of the biggest Ethnic market in the north-west
Can Cau Kermit is one of the biggest Ethnic market in the north-west
Wake you up into the pleasure morning in amongst of Sapa's mountains
05.25 a.m. Arrival at Lao Cai Railway Station very early.
A local private car will pick you up to Si Ma Cai District to visit morning Can Cau kermis which is the unique red soil road between Si Ma Cai and Bac Ha. It is known as the crowded and colorful of Lao Cai, Can Cau brings to you a satisfied feeling by the H’mong women wearing spreading dress and millions of specific goods trading here. Being rick of a market cultural of mountain areas, you can not only see the very strange things, but also connect to an Ethnic culture. 
Riding along Ban Pho Village, feeling its rudimentary scene and meeting the plain country people. Because of being famous with corn wine process, you will smell the corn perfume around your road to Bac Ha. We will stop at Hoang A Tuong Place (The palace of King H’mong in Lao Cai) which were the most luxury in the past. Overnight at the hotel in Bac Ha.
Read more about Sapa here.
Day 4
Bac Ha - Lao Chai - Ta Van
B, L, D
In Northern Vietnam adventure tour, you will meet the breathtaking rice-terrace in tribe villages
In Northern Vietnam adventure tour, you will meet the breathtaking rice-terrace in tribe villages
Explore Lao Chai – Ta Van to meet Tay, Giay and Black H’mong people
After having an early breakfast, we will experience the Bac Ha morning Sunday market – the biggest market of mountain areas. It is bustling but untouched with a lot of Ethnic traders converge from many other provinces. The market specially spends a large space for brocade kiosks bringing a variety of colors into your eyes. Sometimes, you will meet a woman in black dress or a brown buffalo which is wandering. There are several Ethnic Group that you can see in Bac Ha market such as Tay (who in black dress), Black H’mong, etc. The market is also near with the cassava and corn fields. 
After the lunch time, we move to Lao Chai Village where gathering place of Dzao people. Although being far only 7 kilometers from the noisy and gaudy Sapa, Lao Chai is really tranquil and peaceful. It seems to be a very different world with the traditional customs and culture of minority groups in amongst the growing of the neighbors. At the end of the day, we take an easy trekking to Ta Van Village. Stepping in a pathway with rice-terraces covered around two side of the road, you will feel clearly one of the most classic panorama of West-South Vietnam. You will have an opportunity to meet Giay people, explore their culture identities and experience a night time as a minority. End of half day trekking Lao Chai - Tavan.
Enjoying your very fresh dinner with the products of mountains are. Overnight at home-stay in Tavan.
Day 5
Trekking to Giang Ta Chai
B, L
Trekking in Giang Ta Chai village
Trekking in Giang Ta Chai village
Trekking in off the beaten track Giang Ta Chai village
Enjoy a special breakfast with local cuisine.
Taking leave of Ta Van then trekking circa three kilometers to Giang Ta Chai Village throughout the bamboo forest. After going over the authentic country road, we will meet Red Dzao ethnic minority people. Especially, we will stop at a Red Dzao’s family in Rattan Village. It is the time to research more about the customs and habits of the Ethnic group in Rattan. Before proceeding to Sapa, we continually walk to Supan and take our private van.
Enjoy your free night in Sapa town. Dinner by yourselves and overnight at the hotel in Sapa.
Day 6
Sapa - Lao Cai
B, L, D
Muong Hoa valley
Muong Hoa valley
Step side by side with Mt. Hoang Lien Son
Enjoy your breakfast at the hotel, then being willing to discover the spectacular landscapes.
Firstly, we will have a short trekking to The Ham Rong Mountain with hillside on the way from Sapa town. It is far away only 3 kilometers, and it is also fascinating destination with an amazing overview. From the peak of Ham Rong you can take your eyes as long as you can see to memorize a panorama of Sapa including Mt. Hoang Lien Son, Muong Hoa Valley, Sapa town and Ta Phin. All of them is looming in dew. You are likely losing your soul in heaven with cloud covers around. 
In the afternoon, we will visit Muong Hoa Valley where is far 8 kilometers from Sapa. The Valley is wonderful with the view of rice-terraces spreading out mountains. The most interesting thing here are the bank of curved stones and the small pretty spring which streams via Lao Chai, Ta Van, Hau Thao.
At the end of the sixth day, we go back to Lao Cai Station to take a railway to Hanoi. Overnight on the Fanxipan Express.
Day 7
Hanoi - Halong Bay
B, L, D
Halong Bay with the mesmeric sunset
Halong Bay with the mesmeric sunset
Explore Halong Bay by deluxe cruise.
Arrival early morning in Hanoi – Enjoy a very different Hanoi Capital in the first ray of sunlight, then having breakfast with “Phở”.
08.00 a.m. We will transfer by shuttle bus to Halong City on about 4 hours. Embark a Halong Cruise with welcome drink on boat to begin the route of Halong discovery.
With the first leisure day, we will stay at the Lom Bo area and visit Me Cung Cave (Maze Cave) which is one of the most mysterious caves of Halong Bay. The cave is special by its millions years structure. It is a specific karst cave with the great number of stalactites and stalagmites that bring thousands of unique forms. 
Continually, we take a kayaking around Bright & Dark Cave area and swimming. Bright & Dark Cave is a quite large area in Lan Ha Bay. It includes both of dark parts and bright places with mountains cover around to be a circle. The water of this bay is totally tranquil with fantastic colors of green and blue. 
Before the BBQ dinner on boat, we will together join in a cooking demonstration with spring-rolls that is known as the most delicious dishes of the World. Enjoy your night time with cruise’s activities such as massage (not free), karaoke or fishing squid. Overnight on board.
Note: We use the program of Grayline Cruise in this Northern Vietnam Adventure Travel in 9 Days. Halong's itinerary depends on the level of booking.
Day 8
Halong Bay - Hanoi
B, L
A famous fishing village you can meet in Halong Cruise tours
A famous fishing village you can meet in Halong Cruise tours
Explore the life in fishing village
Wake you up early to reach to the wonderful feeling in amongst very pleasure Halong Bay. 
At 6.30 a.m. You can take part in Tai Chi exercise on sundeck with our friendly cruise manager or bring with you a camera to hunt the sunset. If you visit Halong in sunny day, the imagines of sunset between the immense of the sea and mountains certainly becomes the most unbelievable memory in your life that you never forget.
After the breakfast, the tender will pick you up to Rang Dua area – a fishing village. We will sit together to hear about their culture, floating life-style and fishing knowledge. Savor a cup of tea and try honey wine. Go back to the cruise for relaxing and having lunch. You can contemplate the breathtaking the landscapes of Halong or sunbathe lazily on sun deck while the cruise is streaming to Tuan Chau Marina for disembark. 
12.30 a.m. We will pick up to Hanoi by shuttle bus.
04.30 p.m. Check-in the hotel and enjoy a free night in The Old Quarter. Overnight at the hotel in The Old Quarter.
Day 9
Hanoi - Departure
Bid a farewel to the capital
Having breakfast at the hotel. Far East Tour’s private bus will pick you up to Noi Bai Airport. Departure to the next destinations. End of Northern Vietnam Adventure Travel in 9 Days: Hanoi - Halong - Sapa.

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