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Hanoi Cultural Day Trip - Best Tour in the Center

The Old Quarter - Vietnam Museum of Women - Temple of Literature - West Lake - Dong Xuan Market
Hanoi is known as one of the most charming capital of the World by its exotic beauty that is mixed between the ancient French architectures in The Old Quarter and modern buildings in the new center. It is also attractive visitors thanks to the long-standing history and a unique culture. Staying at Hanoi, anyone has to be impressed by its crown with traffic jam, lots of vendors, and millions of local shops. For this reason, a Hanoi Day Trip takes you to both of old and new things is the best choice for cultural exploring. Let's enjoy the best experience of Hanoi culture tour.


Day 1
Hanoi Cultural Tour
Water puppet Performance in Hanoi Day Trip
Water puppet Performance in Hanoi Day Trip
Far East Tour’s bus and tour guide will meet you at your hotel to begin a Hanoi cultural tour. 
When the bus pick your from The Old Quarter, you will see the imagine of Vietnam morning. It is different with almost of the World, Hanoi begins a new day earlier. Local shops or vendors often start their works from 5.30 a.m. When you begin your day tour, the capital is really crowded and busy with the great number of motorbikes running in the streets. Hanoiers are hasty going to their offices, street foods everywhere.
The first destination is Vietnamese Women's Museum. It is located in one of the most ancient streets with many big French colonial architecture buildings. Now a day, the museum is used to display both of tangible and intangible heritages about history and culture of Vietnamese women. It is divided to three main topics: Women in family, Women in history (heroes) and Women Fashion. In 2012, the museum was voted by TripAdvisor as one of the best Asian museums where you can see and hear the emotional stories.
After that, we go to the first University of Hanoi, named The Temple of Literature, which is an important heritage site of Vietnam. It is also a typical symbol of Hanoi tourism. Everyone supposes the temple as the place to keep Educational way together with its thousand cultural year. Read more about The Temple of Literature
After the lunch and a short rest, we move to the area of West Lake. Here, you will visit the largest lake of Hanoi and Tran Quoc pagoda. Tran Quoc is 1500 years olf and the eldest pagoda, had been from the period of Thang Long (old name of Hanoi). With its special architectures and designs, Tran Quoc was a Buddhist Center of Thang Long.
Next, the bus takes you back to The Old Quarter. You have 1 hour to see a Water Puppet show – a folk art of Vietnam. This is a unique art that you can only see in Vietnam. Water Puppet is regarded as the spirit of farmers of wet-rice agriculture. 
Finally, you will take a cyclo excursion to sightsee around Hoan Kiem Lake and The Old Quarter. The cyclo will start from the area of Hoan Kiem, then riding through out several old streets as Hang Ngang, Hang Dao, Hang Bac, etc. You will have a leisure time to meet again charming ancient Hanoi with the preserved houses. Cyclo will stop at Dong Xuan market – the oldest local market that appeared from the feudal period of Nguyen Family. Up to now, the market is used to a whole-sale place.
At the end, bid a farewell to Far East Tour team in your hotel. End of Hanoi Day Trip.

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