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Grayline Cruise 3 Days Itinerary in Halong Bay

Hanoi - Tuan Chau Marina - Lan Ha Bay - Cat Ba Island - Rang Dua Area
Departure from Tuan Chau Marina, Grayline Cruise is one of the best choice in the 4 star class in Halong Bay. In 3 days, the junk will take you to the most beguiling landscapes, which will help you admire the whole beauty of Halong. Joining with Gray Line, you will be entitled to outstanding activities as well as services within 3-day trip with variety of activities as swimming, kayaking, climbing…


Day 1
Hanoi - Tuan Chau Marina - Lan Ha Bay
L, D
Drive a kayak by yourself to experience the mysterious area of caves
Drive a kayak by yourself to experience the mysterious area of caves
07.45. Guests will be picked up at Hanoi Old Quarter (for those who use Grayline’s shuttle service only).
12.15. This is time for guests to enjoying complimentary tea at the Hotel’s lounge and embark at Tuan Chau Marina 
12.30. Guests are required to check in for getting on Grayline Boat but it just takes a few minutes. After that, let spend time enjoying welcome drinks before checking your cabin and resting. Private quay allows you to complete the check-in easily
13.30. Our friendly and enthusiastic crew is willing to serve you a nice set lunch while cruising ahead to the Bay. Visitors also can relax on the sundeck as well as contemplate the stunning Bay surrounding 
15.00. Visitors are free to choose amongst outdoor activities: sunbathing, swimming, conquering the peak of the biggest island in Halong, Russian space hero or simply just taking photos around the stunning bay. 
16.00. After a short time relaxing on the sundeck or walking around, please don’t be afraid to take a chance of exploring the beautiful Luon Cave by kayaking. Let our crew complete your perfect day with an indispensable part when discovering Halong Bay. We are sure that this will be the most interesting and challenge traveling experience that you have in Halong Bay. 
17.30. A mini sunset party plus complimentary seasonal fruits and finger foods will be served after you get back to Grayline (buy=one-get-one-free program).
18.30. The junk offers you various outdoor activities. You have chance to learn how to cook right on the sundeck with the famous dish of Spring rolls.
19.30. We serve BBQ fresh seafood and a wide range of Vietnamese as well as Western cuisines for any requirements. Having dinner in a cozy and deluxe atmosphere and being served by a professional and experienced staff team will make your trip unforgettable. 
21.00. We also conduct various activities in the evening, ensuring every guest won’t be bored after dinner. Grayline is a perfect choice as it has almost every recreation activities all day and all night. Relaxing or watching film at the outdoor bar; playing board, guitar and card games; going fishing squid on tender, etc.
Day 2
Lan Ha Bay - Van Gia Village
B, L, D
Go to Three Peaches Island and Beach, enjoy swimming, sunbathing privately
Go to Three Peaches Island and Beach, enjoy swimming, sunbathing privately
06.30. Anyone needs a healthy status for beginning the nice day then we recommend having a Tai Chi exercise which took place on the sundeck. It allows you to refresh and bring the best status for your body. 
07.30. Grayline restaurant serves light menu for breakfast including snacks, coffee, tea and bakeries. 
08.30. Special weather and tide condition in Halong will affect to your health and other factors so that you must ensure that you can adapt to them quickly as soon as you arrive. To explore completely the stunning beauty of Halong Bay, you will be arranged with following activities including joining with fishermen, and you have a day to do it. 
  1. Taking part in fishing activities together with local fishermen, they will guide you how to go offshore by fishing boat and, of course, if you are interested in! This is an indispensable activity of Grayline so don’t be afraid to enjoy it. 
  2. Exploring Drum Cave under Karst rocks by kayaking. It’s suitable for those who love nature and really want to discover the hidden parts inside the fascinating scenery. 
  3. If you are interested in pearls then this activity will be the best choice. You have chance to visit the typical pearl farm on Halong Bay and learn the way pearls are made.
Our crew is willing to lead you to Van Gia Village, one of the fishing villages in Halong which can be described as a floating house. Let take the chance of contemplating the beautiful scenery over the daily floating life. With an aim of focusing on the fishing activities of fishermen in Halong, we help you to understand how they can survive from the harsh nature and make you know the real value of life.  
17.30. Buy-one-get-one-free event is still available for those who has missed on the first day, or else you simply just need to sit on the sundeck and enjoy the skyline at dusk with the slight tune surrounding 
18.30. We repeat the cooking event like on the first day to ensure you did not forget how to make a nice Spring roll. 
19.30. Enjoy the mellow sounds of music together with the water wave while taste the dinner on board. 
Day 3
Rang Dua Area - Tuan Chau Marina - Hanoi
B, L
Floating fishing house in Rang Dua area
Floating fishing house in Rang Dua area
06.30. Take Daily Tai Chi exercise on the sundeck 
07.30. Have a breakfast at Grayline restaurant
08.30. Spend the last day discovering Me Cung Cave (Maze Cave) which is located on a remote island.  You have to climb up several rugged stone stars to reach to the peak. From there, you are able to contemplate the fascinating scenery over the stalactites in a very complex structure. A panoramic picture will appear in front of your eyes. It’s time to immerse your-self in the breathtaking mountains, the royal garden as well as the stunning Maze Cave. 
09.30. After come back to the cruise, you are delivered a delicious farewell lunch before leaving. Our friendly and professional cruise crew will make you satisfied until the last second you stay here. It’s time to check out your cabin and don’t forget to take some pictures at our nice ambiance. 
11.45. Check out at the reception room and prepare for getting back to Hanoi from Tuan Chau Marina. End of 3 days 2 nights exploring Halong Bay with Grayline Cruise.

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