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Wonderful Halong Bay, Vietnam
Bagan, Myanmar (Burma)
Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia

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Vietnam Tour Packages

Exciting Vietnam tour packages and other countries as Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Myanmar. Contemplate the breath-taking natures and authentic life of Vietnam more.

How are you planning for your coming journeys to the lands of South East Asia? If you want to dig deeper the cultures, historical stories, authentic life of locals and be sated in the breath-taking scenes, let contact to our experts right now! These tour packages sum up the proposals for your trips. Our experienced consultants actually do more to approach to your real expectations. Guarantee for your value of money, keep the worth of traditions of each countries, and offer the most original experiences to the end.
Though you want to travel with only lover, dear family, funny group of friends or single you, we customized these packages till the best. There are no hidden fees, our plans are always clear with inclusions, exclusions and accommodation details. You will be satisfied in each minutes communicating to us. If you wait for a private trip for your team only, this is exactly the strong point of Far East Tour. We provide customized tours with amazing prices of standard & senior services. However, we also can bring you the best saving with ensured Join-in-group-tour. You totally can share your trip with other customers (of us) to decrease your cost for the trip. We are willing to do for you.

Let be enchanted by these intoxicating proposals! You will always be detectable.

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