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Far East Tour is the leading Vietnam local travel agency in arranging travel package in the countries of South East Asia. We have operated thousands journeys to 5 destinations: Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand & Myanmar each single year. Now, you can find us via the head office in Hanoi (Vietnam), and the representative offices in Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam), France and German. To get the best out of local travel as well as our background knowledge of travel expert, we surely provide to you the memorable experience. We will connect our clients to the exotic local cultures by a different way of native.

They are not only customized in itineraries & activities, but our products also optimized in services with the highest individuals. Traveling with us is the most unforgettable experience in your life. Taking you to the truly destinations of South East Asia, we bear responsibility for bringing the sophisticated information to you.  Our product is the connecting to the essential cultures, traditions, culinary, historical stories and the maidens of Mother Nature.

About our travel experts:

Established in 2008 by founder & CEO of Mr. Nguyen Thanh Cong, Far East Tour is the mustering of young travel experts, who love communicating to other cultures & sharing their knowledge of traveling. Almost of us graduated as language students with the big passion in exploring natural mysteries and experience the original cachets. Growing the inspiration of moving more and more, our travel experts always arrange their lives to do globe-trotting to the new destinations. After that, they share their experience & feeling to thousand passengers annually. Up to now, Far East Tour members still keep the favorite of going to all ins & outs to enrich the knowledge, update the newest things, and inspect the real services.

Far East Tour logo & its story:

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Inspirited from the featured charm of Vietnam, our logo displays a green spreading over the grey of mountains, the slight & dark blue of sky & ocean. This is the representation for the most authentic life & primary nature, which is still untouched by the human. Our message is that we actually bring you the unique experience in each countries, each landscapes. We work as untiring silkworms to offer our clients the most captivating & authentic travel experience. Moreover, our logo also includes the imagines of the rising sun, hoisting sails, and mountain that is symbol for our excellent services, innovating thinking and unique travel plans for you.

Vietnam local travel agency excellent services:

Handicraft Tours for small/private groups: Owing to circa 12 year experience of operating journeys into South East Asia, we guarantee for every travel styles you want. We also give our clients the most delightful and ideal proposals based on their real budget & expectations. 
Halong Bay /Mekong Cruises: To be the strategic partners of Halong & Cruise Companies, Far East Tour eternally gets the best price for the cruise trips on Halong Bay & Mekong Delta. For this reason, our passengers will always take advantage for booking Halong Bay or Mekong Cruises with us.
Combination Tours: With a tight duration, where to go, what to do, how much cost… always be your divided mind. Let us take care about your bucket list of combination tours in South East Asia.  With the annual inspection trips into Indochina, Myanmar and Thailand, we are confident to give you the best advices when you attend exploring these nations.
Speedboat/Train/Airport Tickets: We cooperate with almost of domestic & international speedboat/train/airline companies to greet our customers who comes from all over the World.
Accommodation: After a decade experience in tourism, Far East Tour is proud of a prestigious partners of the leading hotels in South East Asia. That is the reason why we always provide to travelers the accommodation services with highly competitive price.
Transportation: We have built a professional vehicle & methodically trained driver team to serve the safe & seamless journeys.

Remarkable Awards:

Throughout 12 years of arranging tour services, Far East Tour has luckily taken care to thousand journeys of million travelers all over the World. We, working as a Vietnam local travel agency, provided the most incredible experience for our clients to look after the satisfactoriness of them. Together with the happiness of customers, our innovation in tourism brought us many meaningful awards such as:


Far East Tour Core Values:

Destination Experts: From the scrupulous criterion for each products, we own the most experienced experts in consultant the journeys to Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar & Thailand. We focus on enriching the knowledge for our consultant staff to become a truly local travel agency. We have incessantly updated our destination background knowledge to offer the best experience for more than 28.000 travelers in over 12 years. 
Inspiration: Originated in our slogan “Sharing all feelings”, we always bring the whole of great feeling to our customers. Far East Tour is good at inspiriting travelers in each single trip. We share our travelers the inspiration about the colorful cultures, the breathtaking natural scenes, and the imposing heritage sites in each landscapes.
Best Quality: We are a team of confidential & whole-hearted travel experts who are rich of soul & vision. For this reason, Far East Tour just offer the best quality products to clients depending on their budget.
Product Innovation: With the depth of serving Western market, Far East Tour is proud of innovation in creating authentic tours, especially in Vietnam and Cambodia. We often choose the newest experience to suggest to travelers. We often find out “off the beaten track” places to surprise our customers by the true value of authentic tours.

Far East Tour Milestones:

  • 2008: Far East Tour is launched as a Vietnam local travel agency with only 5 members to offer Halong Bay Tours, Mekong Delta Cruise & Vietnam travel packages to French travelers.

  • 2010: Expand to the market of English speaking customers. Simultaneously, we did the research and tourism products into Cambodia and Laos.

  • 2012: Continue enlarging the business with the community of Germany and Chinese people. We also started offering Myanmar & Thailand tour packages.

  • 2015: Far East Tour is proud of a grand opening for a luxury Halong Bay sail, which is well-known as Amira Cruises.

After all, we always confirm about our service quality, enrich our product value for clients in each travelling tours offered. Let us create with you your personal stories about the landscapes you will print your foot.

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