Our Tour Guides

With a staff team of circa 100 professional tour guides with different languages in South East Asia, Far East Tour always guarantees for offering to our clients the wide & deep knowledge about culture, history, destinations and real life stories of locals. Moreover, our escorts also bring you whole-hearted serving in your vacations or the authentic experience in the adventure trips.

When you travel with Far East Tour, you are taken care by one of the most enthusiastic, humorous, experienced, knowledgeable, and lingo-influent tour guides. All of them is the travel experts in Vietnam and other countries in South East Asia. They are the most sharp people, who are always ready to share you all of their knowledge of the destination by very sophisticated way.

Under our leading, you are not only gained more information about local history, but you also encouraged to join in the daily activities and immerse yourself into local cultures as doing a farmer, rice cultivating, harvesting… 

With our escort team, you will be offered the most general information, or the biggest panorama about history of destinations, nations or each beauty spots. They guarantee for the role of caring carefully for each services of meals, transportations, accommodations, beauty spots, and others. Especially, they will support you to communicate to locals and their authentic life. They will protect you from the kinds of defrauded tourism. 

Let see some typical picture about Far East Tour escort team when they were in working with our customers:
Tour Guide with a small group in The Temple of Literature.
Our tour guide in The Old Town of Hoian.
Travel with Far East Tour in Ninh Binh

Hanoi Temple of Literature with Far East Tour.

Explore Sapa with our knowledgeable tour guide and meet Ethnic people.

One Pillar Pagoda in Hanoi.

Listen to our humorous escort present more about Vietnam.

local market in the tour with Far East Tour.
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