An open Letter from our CEO - Far East Tour

Dear Travelers,

It cannot denied that traveling is one of the most important elements to make our lives better. The adventure journeys, in that way, increase noticeably. They bring us not only a fresh power after long days of hard working, but also give us memorable experiences. Let keep moving to feel the incredible beauty of each sightseeing, to gain more knowledge about the culture and history of the World, to be savored the best foods in different regions you go. The most beguiling of which is communicating to other people who have their own original characters.

From the passion in the real value of journeys, I tried my best to find out the expert partners who love traveling and love to bring the worthiest experience to others. As a result, Far East Tour has been established and operated by the most highly motivated people. We always focus on our mission to improve services day by day. For this reason, we have lots of good recommends from many customers all over the World.

After 12 years of working assiduously, we are proud of our contribution for the tourism of Vietnam particularly and Indochina generally. We successfully transmitted to our customers whole of the long-standing unique culture, the amazingly marvelous nature, and such delicious cuisine of Vietnam through our tour operators. Thanks to our bending over backwards, we get thousands of close friends who always think about us when talking about Vietnam. 

Our strong point is advising and providing customized tours in Vietnam, and some other South East Asia countries such as Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Myanmar. We guarantee of the over expectation services from our sales, tour guides, drivers, and accommodation system. All you need is contact to us and share us what you want. Far East Tour will travel with you by our most propound passion and expertise.
CEO & Founder: Nguyen Thanh Cong
CEO Nguyen Thanh Cong with Far East Tour team.
CEO Nguyen Thanh Cong with Far East Tour team.
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