Contemplating Top 10 Most Unique Bridges in Vietnam

Not only designed for transportation purposes, the following bridges are also recognized as the most unique ones in Vietnam. They are also big popular tourist attractions due to their beauty and terrific impressions.

Vietnam nowadays are attracting more and more tourists not only for the historical or natural landscapes, but also for the unique constructions. The bridges are one of them, they never change over time but they still have their own strange charm. See for yourself the bridges that will certainly caught your eyes.

1.    The Hand Bridge 

The bridge is “lifted” by a pair of giant “magical” hands, surrounded by endless mountains and jungles, promised a prolific new tourist destination for the architect enthusiasts. The bridge sits on a height of about 1400 meters, about 150 meters long, including 8 spans. Under the blue sky of Ba Na, it really felt like walking on the clouds here. Visitors can either taking some great photos from more than 1000 meters high or just simply sightseeing, both will bring the tourists an exciting feeling unlike anywhere.

2.    Dragon Bridge 

The Dragon Bridge is an iconic structure belongs to the city of Da Nang. It was designed by an American architect, which was chosen from hundreds other designs for a bridge across Han River.

Dragon Bridge has the shape of a dragon reaching for the ocean. What makes the bridge special is that it demonstrates the symbolic figure of a dragon from Ly dynasty, flying towards the Eastern Sea. The bridge is made of steel and about 568 meters, weighed almost 9000 tons. The tail of the dragon represents the look of lotuses. The body of the dragon curves like it is reaching for the big ocean. 

Every Saturday and Sundays, visitors can witness the “Dragon” of Da Nang spitting fire and water along with designated music, it is the special event of the city, attracting many tourists and locals alike.  

3.    Han River Bridge  

Han River Bridge is the first and only rotating bridge in Vietnam, solely designed and built by Vietnamese engineers and architects. Everyday, around 1-2 am, the bridge will spin a 90-degree angle, along with water flows so that large boats and ships can sail from the river to the ocean and vice versa. It usually takes 15-20 minutes in order to rotate the bridge and if you are visiting Da Nang, remember not to sleep and witness how the bridge rotates at midnight. Around 4 o’clock in the morning, the bridge will return to its original state. 

4.      Love Bridge

Love Bridge is a destination fascinated by both local teenagers and tourists from all over the world. Especially, this is an ideal place for marrying couples to take their wedding photos. The bridge is decorated by many heart shaped lanterns, making its appearance very romantic, even more poetic and beautiful when the night falls. If you are coming to Da Nang with your loved one, this is definitely not the place you want to miss. 

5.    Nguyen Van Troi Bridge 

Nguyen Van Troi is the only bridge built for travelling on foot. Nowadays it has become a popular check-in destination for not only local teenagers but also many tourists coming to Da Nang. From the bridge, visitors can see the poetic Han river along with other bridges of Da Nang, or Sun Wheel.

6.    Long Bien Bridge 

Pretty sure everyone has once heard the story about the famous Long Bien bridge, which connects two major districts of Hanoi Long Bien and Hoan Kiem, the past and the present. Long Bien is recognized as a historical witness of the war against France as it was built by the French when they invaded Vietnam from 1898 – 1902.

The age said everything, as the bridge has bonded with many generations of Hanoi people. It is about 2290 meters long across the river and the leading bridge is 896 meters long, with 19 steel plates on 20 40-meter-high pillars (including the foundation) and stone-built road. The railway sits in the middle of the bridge, roads for cars and motorbikes are on both sides.  

7.    Bai Chay Bridge

Bai Chay bridge sits on Highway 18, is 903 meters long and 25,3 meters wide, connecting Hon Gai with Bai Chay through Cua Luc, separate Cua Luc bay from Ha Long bay, belongs to Quang Ninh province. This is the first bridge that has the flat cable structure in Vietnam. Moreover, Bai Chay also holds the world record for the longest main span (435 meters). The bridge was designed and built by the Japanese.

Bai Chay bridge is seen as an irreplaceable part in the locals’ daily life. This magnificent bridge is not only great for economic development, but also a source of tourist development. If you are travelling to Ha Long, you shouldn’t skip the opportunity to witness this record holding bridge. 

8.    Thi Nai Bridge – Quy Nhon

Thi Nai Bridge, or as known as Nhon Hoi bridge, is the longest sea-crossing bridge in Vietnam, which connects the city of Quy Nhon with the beautiful Phuong Mai peninsula. The bridge started to build in 2002 and finished in 2006, with the main road is approximately 2477 meters long, 14,5 meters wide with 5 short bridges. Coming to this beautiful coastal city, you shouldn’t forget visiting the bridge. 

9.    Anh Sao Bridge

Only about 170 meters long and 8,3 meters wide, from the outside Anh Sao bridge has no different from other regular bridges in Vietnam. But what makes it special is the lighting effect system carefully designed under the bridge. Just like the meaning of its name “Starlight”, there are many colorful lights set on the surface of the road and under the bridge, reflects countless stars shining in the sky. Every step the visitor makes, the lights blinks on and off interestingly. Whoever came walking on the bridge felt like they were shining with this special light. 

10.    Can Tho Bridge

Can Tho Bridge has the overall length of 15,85 kilometers with 4 lanes, is the tallest bridge in Vietnam, connecting Can Tho city and Vinh Long province. It was built on 2004 and finished in 2010 after many incidents. During the time it was finished, this is the bridge that has the longest main span in Southeast Asia.


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