A guide to the dreamy land of pink grasslands in Da Lat

In an early winter’s morning in Da Lat, let your soul as light as the dew caring the pink grass, and suddenly feel so peaceful. If the yellow of Mexican Sunflower is the symbol of strongly primitive but full of vitality or the blue of hydrangeas evokes the purity and delicacy, the pink grass represents for the truly pride beauty of the woman. When visiting the land of thousands of flowers, the hill of grass pink Da Lat will be mentioned as one of the most magical places.
Firstly, we will take a closer look at this kind of plant.

1.What is pink grass?

This is a type of weed, grows in clumps with tall and straight trunks like casuarinas. It is quite similar to cortaderia selloana with dark pink upper body that looks very attractive. The coat of this grass is relatively soft and does not shed much as pampas grass so you can hold easily and take pictures without worrying about its coat.

The dreamy beauty of pink grass in Dalat

Pink grass is very popular in North America or in China, however, you do not need to travel abroad to contemplate and observe this incredible and spectacular grass, you only need to visit the hills of pink grass in Da Lat. Especially, when the weather is getting cold and dry but still sunny, the grass is very beautiful and suitable for you to check in.

Here is the instruction of every single step to find to the most attractive pink grass hills in Da Lat and all “the golden time” for you to take the most magical and stunning selfies! Let's have a check now!

2.The road to reach to the one of the kinds Da Lat's pink grasslands

From the end of November to the beginning of December, this is the time for Da Lat pink grass blooming.

The most popular pink grass lea that we have to mention is the one lying next to the Golden Stream, which owns special and magnificence landscape and is followed by the young generation.

This place still keeps the wilderness and peaceful with the overgrowth grass, so that it makes the pink color darker and more impressive. Especially, the Golden Stream is a safety zone, the ideal location for the tourism to camp where you can choose to makeready to capture the stunning moments of the pink grassland when the sun rises.

The hill is very large and beautiful in the early morning that adorned with the green water of Suoi Vang lake and the Lonely Pine tree. Besides, you can also take pictures or camp next to the symbolic Lonely Pine tree which attracts a lot of travelers coming. The breathtaking landscape of pink grassland in the northwest of Da Lat steal lots of people’s hearts.

The pink grass hill next to Golden Stream

However, the way is not difficult to go.  

If you are stay in the city center, I will give you the instruction. It takes the starting point from the fountain near Xuan Huong Lake, runs down the streets via Dinh Tien Hoang street, Nguyen Con Tru street, Xo Viet Nghe Tinh street and Ankroet road. Then, you turn towards the Suoi Vang, drive into Cu Lan village, continue going pass the Suoi Vang dam for about 01 kilometer and follow the road to go the Lonely Pine where the camping site is located.

After putting up your tent, you can look at the beautiful and stunning scenery of pink lea freely. In addition, on a rainy day, you need to be ready to sacrifice yourself for the beauty because the road will be muddy. 
Snow melting on the grass when the sun shines
Snow melting on the grass when the sun shines

Moreover, you can also see the hill of grass pink in two other places:

The entrance to the Dat Set Tunnel which is located in the southwest of the city center. Running down Trieu Viet Vuong, you turn to the Dieu Khac tunnel and continue driving straight ahead for about 500 meters. There is not only the pink lea in this area, but also the beautiful yellow wild sunflowers. 

The third place to discover is the hill lying near Thai Phien flower village. You follow Hung Vuong road, then turn left at the Trai Mat fork and keep going for another 3 kilometers. You will see a grass hill on the left and another one on the right which locates a few hundred meters away from the first one.
Driving along the road to admire the true beauty of the pink grasslands
Driving along the road to admire the true beauty of the pink grasslands

3.The moments to get the pictures of the life time.

Even if you are not a good photographer, that's alright, you don't have to worry about it. You just need to come to this place when it is on the "golden time", then you are able to catch impressive pictures as many as you want easily.

If you ask me about the most suitable time to catch fanciful and dreamy photos, then the answer is the pure moment when the first light of day touches those pink grass. You can see the color of pink grass change through every single move of the sunlight.
Taking beautiful pictures in early morning.
Taking beautiful pictures in early morning.

Before 5.30 am, when the sun is still so lazy to rises up, pink grassland put on its innocent white as snow. When the light goes through, every dew, stagnating on the grass, starts glittering. The brighter the sun shines, the more glorious the pink color will be. Unfortunately, after 8 am, the color will not remain like before and become less attractive than what you saw by the dawn. What is more wonderful than waking up early in the morning, walking around the peaceful and romantic pink grassland, blending your soul in the surrounding and admiring the pristine beauty of the area?

If you do not want to travel too far, joining your friends for an overnight camping trip on the top of the pine's hill is not a bad idea. Up this high, you can observe the entire land changing its color in the early morning. One thing to remember is that you cannot camp right on the pink grassland because it will ruin the blade of grass.
Tourists can set camp on top of the hill over looking the scenery
Tourists can set camp on top of the hill over looking the scenery

Normally, Golden Stream area has so many guests who come to visit in this time. That is the reason why you should arrive early and also can fully enjoy and create a lot of memorable moments without being disturbed. 

For backpacking tourists, you can go a little bit farther, follow the path that brings you to see "the lonely pine" for sightseeing or camping. This road can create some difficulties for you to drive on, especially in the rainy season, but the scenery is eye catching and wildness. Moreover, this area is easier to set the campfire for group with a lot of people. 

When Christmas and New Year Eve are coming soon, the weather in Da Lat is getting cold and the fog is thicker. The lightly sunshine is still not strong enough to melt the cold dew covering on pink lea. Not only will you have an opportunity to admire the pink grass near Suoi Vang lake, but you also can enjoy the breathtaking views over Vang valley. Nothing is more perfect than camping and sipping a cup warm tea, talking with friends in this large open air.
Snowy pink grass in early morning
Snowy pink grass in early morning

Looking from a distance, the scenery of pink grassland putting on a new coat, the mixed color of rosy and the pure white snow, look totally spectacular and stunning.

A few notes when you travel to pink grass valleys:
  • At this time, the temperature in Da Lat can fall very low and also come with frost and wind. Therefore, if you want to conquer hills in the early morning, you need to remember to wear warm clothes, scarf and take on gloves to avoid harmful thing can affect your health.
  • When visiting pink grassland, remember to walk on the specific path so that you will not step on the lovely pink blade and leave litter that can destroy the scenery.
  • A lot of tourists visit this place in every pink grass blooming season. To avoid robbers sneaking in the crowd to steal your bag, you should be careful while enjoying the view. The best way is that you do not bring too much money and jewelry to keep them safe!
Basically, if this is the first time you have come, it would be better to have a guide to avoid getting lost. For tourists who are familiar with this place, taking a note of the roads which are quite muddy in rainy days is very important to protect yourself and prepare necessary equipment. However, get ready to sacrifice for beauty because all your efforts will truly worth it!

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