Contemplate the Beautiful Sunset on Doc Let Beach, Nha Trang

Nature has prioritized to Khanh Hoa a great topography with mountains, rivers and oceans. Doc Let is one of the immense beaches here which is located in Ninh Hai ward, NInh Hoa town, Khanh Hoa province, about 50km to the north from Nha Trang city. 
Doc Let includes many white sand dunes. When passing those dunes, visitors will be stepping on a beautiful beach with fine a white sand shore running along. Doc Let sea is not so deep with clean and blue water, without many slopes. About 100m from the shore, water level just reaches our chests with very gentle waves, giving us the feeling of safety. As a result, Doc Let is the option of many tourists for their holidays.   
A wild and peaceful beauty of Doc Let  
The wild and peaceful beauty of Doc Let beach
Doc Let is an appealing long fine white sand beach in Nha Trang City    
The appealing long fine white sand beach in Doc Let.

A number of games and activities can be taken in the beach, but one of the most interesting things to do is welcoming the first sunlight on this peaceful and quite beach. Let’s see the process of sunrise on Doc Let beach. 
the sky begins to be blush-people   
The sky begins to be blush-people do exercise on the beach 
In the horizon, pink rays of light peek out from the cloud
People are waiting for the dawn on the beach of Doc Let  
The sky is brighter and people enjoy the clean water of Doc Let beach

At 5.00, 5.05, 5.10 o’clock, the sky switches its color from pink to red; from red to bright in a very magical way. Far away from the beach, rows of poplars and coconuts in Doc Let seem to be quiet, waiting for the sunlight.  Without waiting so long, the halos hidden in the cloud are step by step shining, and the sun appears. 
Doc Let beach, Nha Trang 
Halos start shining from the skyline 
When the sun appears from a cloud 
The sun appears from a cloud 
The first sunlight gild the Doc Let waves  
The first sunlight gild the Doc Let waves 
 The first dark pink rays of sunlight is dancing on the sea (Doc Let, Nha Trang) 
The pink rays of sunlight is dancing on the sea
Just 10 minutes later, the continuing wonderful pictures will catch your eyes. The sun shining on the sea generates bright yellow rays. Sunlight creping through green leaves enhance the wild and simple beauty of Doc Let beach. 
The sun illuminates the sand of Doc Let beach  
The sun illuminates the fine sand beach 
the sun creeps through the leaves (Doc Let, Nha Trang)  
... and then, creeps through the trees
the sun is shining into the ground (Doc Let, Nha Trang)  
And shining the ground 
The trees in Doc Let beach is warming up by the sunlight 
The sunlight at dawn gilds the sand shore and trees in Doc Let beach 
At around 6 pm, the sun is already high, enlightens everything to start a new day. The small waves are gently pounding the shore; fine sand is embracing the beach; rows of pine trees are singing in the wind. 
The sunshine enlightens the world  
Sunshine enlightens the world 
A blue ocean, clear sky and white sand in the Doc Let 
Blue Ocean, clear sky and white sand to refresh a day  
It may take your efforts to escape from the sleepiness after a long night singing and playing games. However try to overcome it as the amazing sceneries in the sunrise are the priceless presents for you when visiting Doc Let beach. They can help you to refresh yourself and be ready for a more energetic week.  

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