Thuy Bieu Village - The 100 Years Old Village in Central Hue

Although situated in the heart of Hue city, Thuy Bieu Village brings an appearance of a peaceful village with fragrant Thanh Tra pomelo gardens and hundreds years old of Zen houses (called Nha Ruong in Vietnamese).

With that position, perhaps no other places in the city of Hue are luckier than Thuy Bieu in reaching and contemplating Huong River (Perfume River) from many beautiful angles. Climbing up Vong Canh hill - located at the middle of curved section on Huong River - will bring you a stunning view to the lyrical nature of Hue. From here you can look across to Hon Chen Temple, Thien Mu Pagoda and Trang Tien Bridge on other side of Huong River’s bank.

You will be surprised when admire the scene of Huong River and Ngu Mountain
from Vong Canh hill in Thuy Bieu River.

Thuy Bieu village is far from the center of Hue city about 4 kilometers to the southwest. Thuy Bieu Ward today still preserve many ancient and unique structures, in which Ho Quyen Voi Re Arena is the most representative destination. Undergoing 183 years, this coronary-scarf arena is almost integrated with inside citadel, outside citadel, stand, entrance gate and stone steps. Visitors coming here can imagine a part of the survival games between elephants and tigers in the past.
Ho Quyen Voi Re area is usually visited by travelers who leave from Thuy Bieu to return to Citadel
Ho Quyen Voi Re area is usually visited by travelers who leave from Thuy Bieu to return to Hue City.
But the emphasis in Thuy Bieu is probably system of over 100 years old Zen House (Nha Ruong). This type of house has many pillars, carpentries and no bulkhead with architecture style of Ding word (钉), Khau word (口)or Cong word (功). Most houses in Hue is built with southward main-door and made from Hopea pierrei, Afzelia xylocarpa or forest-jack wood. Nha Ruong is a typical architecture of Hue, let come to Thuy Bieu village to admire by your eye the rolling clouds shape, flowers patterns or sophisticatedly carved decorative valances on carpentries, beams and pillars as well floating art.

To counteract the harsh climate of Central Vietnam, Zen Houses in Hue are thatched with “liet” roof tiles, with two thick overlap layers. Thus, the atmosphere is very comfortable “cool in summer, warm in winter”. The large slope of roof helps the house against the storm without being dropped roof tile. Simple style but whoever enters these houses in Hue also easily find the solid architecture, convenient design especially yard and garden in front of house.

A typical Xen House in Thuy Bieu Village
The gardens in Thuy Bieu almost have no fence, only the low trimming rows of trees to delimit this garden with other gardens as a symbolic meaning. The most attractive fruit trees here is Thanh Tra tree - a special grapefruit of Hue. Thanh Tra Pomelo is not big and heavy but sweet and easily to pare even no bitter aftertaste when drinking water after eating. There is only one harvest season in year but Thanh Tra grapefruit tree still brings several different beauty for Thuy Bieu.
Spring is the season of white fragrant clusters of pomelo flowers, summer is the season of blue and grass small grapefruits. Autumn comes, Thuy Bieu invites visitors with the laden with fruits of Thanh Tra tree. Branches of trees is luxuriant shady over the village’s roads, Thanh Tra pomelo are dangling, swinging overhead travelers. Winter arrives, the tree goes to sleep and wait for spring sunshine.
Thanh Tra pomelo - the specific of Thuy Bieu Village in particular, and Hue in generall
Thanh Tra pomelo - the specific of Thuy Bieu Village in particular, and Hue in generall
At any given time, just walking into famous gardens for growing Thanh Tra in Thuy Bieu, visitors can immerse themselves in the cool air, the peaceful countryside of Hue land. Surely tourists can’t forget the sweet, fragrant and cool favors of the renowned Thanh Tra pomelo even if one time trying.
Traveling to Hue, let take time to visit Thuy Bieu to be immersed in a lovely scenery with tree-lined village streets, dotted with tile roofs, ancient Zen houses, peaceful space in the natural world of green fruits and flowers.
Riding around the village to reach to the lush space of pomelo gardens
Don't forget to ride around the village and feel to the lush space of pomelo gardens

Thuy Bieu is a prominent name in many eco tours chosen for visitors. The most attractive point of this village is the poetic location on the Perfume River and the historical sites, beautiful natural landscapes surrounding it. Early waking up in a small house in the village, feeling immense between sky clouds and fragrant grapefruit aroma, like the "royal garden" at all

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